Admiral Cheng-Ho

Quick Thoughts: With the ever rise of sustainability and vegetarianism as a whole, more and more of these trendy cafes and eateries have begun popping up throughout Melbourne.  Now, if you knew me, you’d know that I do love my meat, however I do love having a well rounded meal, ultimately a meal to me, cannot be just meat, or just salad, it’s when they come together that it makes it a meal worth having.

So I guess in a way, I find it hard to properly judge these sort of restaurants as I find that I have an additional craving for a bit of something else when i’m consciously eating vegetarian food.

So overall, Admiral Cheng-Ho served up some nice dishes with some relative flair, albeit the fritters were a little bland, and the portions quite small (three small hot cakes does not a meal make). The real question is, can I get something just as good by choosing the vegetarian option from a typical brunch spot (or just the dessert option)? Most likely.

Rating: Worth Trying.


Admiral Cheng-Ho on Urbanspoon


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