Bowery To Williamsburg

Quick Thoughts: An American Style deli hidden away in one of Melbourne’s more obscure laneways? Heck. Yes. A venture from the Hardware Society team, and along with Rockwell & Sons, were one of the first few places to really lead the wave of American food that’s currently sweeping through Melbourne.

And yet, nobody else is even close to touching (either of them) in terms of both quality of food and even style of food to the time of writing. Who else is consistently serving up hot smoked salmon sandwiches, lox bagels, stylised specials such as oyster (and fried chicken..and crab cake) po boys, Philly cheesesteaks (I’d be willing to vouch for both as ‘best in Melbourne, crazy right?), and the famous Monte Cristo sandwich? We haven’t even touched on the fact that you can have a deliciously cheesey and crispy topped Mac & Cheese as a side, their American desserts such as key lime pie, apple and berry blintz and NY Cheesecakes, oh and they do a peanut butter hot chocolate. Okay, that’s it. I’m jumping on the next train to Bowery back right now.

Rating: LEGIT.

Bowery to Williamsburg on Urbanspoon


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