The Burger Lounge

Quick Thoughts: Now there’s been quite a bit of fanfare (maybe in my social circles) surrounding the The Burger Lounge, and much of it is warranted.

They serve up what is ultimately the traditionally “Australian” burger with many a twist depending on what you choose. My pattie had cheese in the pattie, which is pretty ridiculous.

But I’d be nary to say that it does suffer from the ‘localised’ hype that tends to surround many of these more isolated restaurants and outlets in the suburbs.This isn’t to say that I believe that the burgers at The Burger Lounge are sub par by any means, but would I travel specifically to go get a burger from here? Not quite, but if I lived in Eltham or the surrounding areas I’d be more than happy to come back many, many times.

In a Sentence: Might not be worth travelling across town for, but if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth visiting.

Verdict: Would Go Back


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