Stagger Lee’s

Quick Thoughts: Stagger Lee’s definitely has not staggered onto the Melbourne restaurant scene, in fact quite the opposite, it definitely feels well thought out and planned and the fact that it drummed up so much publicity initially definitely showed how much care they put into producing a new cafe (whilst also injecting some much needed energy onto the Brunswick St brunch scene – save for Hammer & Tong).

While Proud Mary (the same owners as Stagger Lee’s) was ground breaking for its time and remains a godfather of the Melbourne brunch scene, they couldn’t quite catch lightning twice with Stagger Lee. It’s a strange feeling when the food reads quite creatively off the menu and yet feels uninspired once it hits your tastebuds. Also $10 for a milkshake?! Sure it’s flavoured creatively and is basically liquid ice cream, but damn, Stagger’s probably breaking the wrong ground here.

In a Sentence: Wait for the lines to die down to give it a shot.

Verdict: Worth Trying


Stagger Lee's on Urbanspoon


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