Cider House

Quick Thoughts: You might notice from the photos above that there were essentially three different cuisines from the same restaurant.  In my humble opinion, this is typically restaurant suicide but Cider House have been really lucky in being able to hire a great chef behind the kitchen, and all the food was actually pretty darn good.

We were offered the four courses, braised pork & lemongass steamed buns, the Cider House mezze plate, red curry fried chicken wings, farmer’s market salad and the crying tiger, that being the grass fed porterhouse served rare with chilli & lime dipping sauce.

You could see everything was meticulously prepared, they also do healthy style salads, and most (if not all) of the ingredients are organic. There’s potential here and the food is great, they just need to focus on finding an identity.

Thanks to Cider House and Harvey Publicity for organising the event.

In a Sentence: Don’t be scared off by the all encompassing menu, there’s good food to be found here.

Verdict: Would Go Back.


Cider House on Urbanspoon


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