Heartattack and Vine

Quick Thoughts: From a couple of minds of the Wide Open Road team, comes Heartattack and Vine, an all day eatery that’s taken cues from the European model of a light breakfast, a quick hearty lunch, and a relaxed evening of aperitifs, good wine and cicchetti.

The event itself was exceedingly busy, it seemed as if the entire suburb of Carlton had decided to drop by. However, I did manage to trial the signature porchetta roll, and an assortment of olive and boccocini canapes. The porchetta roll especially, was delicious, I’d be lying if i said I wasn’t salivating as I typed this up. Heartattack and Vine is a more than welcome addition to the increasingly outdated offerings that Lygon St seems to be full of, and a place I’ll definitely come back to when catching a movie at the Nova.

Thanks Heartattack & Vine and Curated Control for organising this event.

In a Sentence: Lygon St’s not all drab.

Verdict: Would Go Back

Web: http://www.heartattackandvine.com.au/

Heartattack and Vine on Urbanspoon


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