Addict Food & Coffee

Quick Thoughts: Look, they get the occasional drop of Short Stop doughnuts on a Saturday, so there’s no chance that I could hate this place. Plus, everything is so freaking pretty here, I can almost let the rather small portion sizes go. It is, however, a good cafe, that doesn’t quite hit the highs it is hoping for.

I can’t seem to fault them in any particular way (small portion sizes, aside), but at the same time, I can’t quite pick out anything that’s super duper spectacular about them, other than the impeccably good looking dishes. I did visit them during the first week of service, so maybe the lack of warmth (or soul? is that it?) that would put them over the top has now been officially instated.

In a Sentence: You’ll have a good time here, but will you remember it down the track?

Verdict: Would Go Back.


Addict Food and Coffee on Urbanspoon


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