Laksa King

Quick Thoughts: Beginning its days as a hidden restaurant inside the confines of a shopping centre with no outward facing windows, I’ve still got memories of waiting for Laksa King’s famous broth inside the dinky Flemington shopping strip, in what could be compared to as the Malaysian version of the Soup Nazi scene.

Now a juggernaut of the Melbourne dining scene, I challenge you to find someone who wouldn’t at least mention Laksa King’s infamous laksa as being one of the best in Melbourne.

I managed to get the ‘special’ on this day, and it was their classic fish laksa with fresh cod (at least it was from memory) fillets. It was bloody delicious and one I’d easily come back for again and again. I do wish they had the fresh fish laksa on their menu permanently though, but I was told that it just depends on their fishmonger on the day, but at least you know it’s something you should ask for when you visit!

In a Sentence: If you order anything else other than the laksa, you’re doing it wrong.

Verdict: Legit


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  1. I’ll take the challenge – the laksa at Yuni’s Kitchen in Northcote is better…


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