Green Park Dining

Quick Thoughts: I find myself in a precarious position with Green Park. I honestly want to love the place so much, but it just doesn’t quite hit the highs I was hoping for from such a great restaurant concept.

Working as essentially an all day eatery and bar where you can get your brunch, stay for a cheeky afternoon beer, then stick around for a casual dinner, all while being on a prominent bike track (I love riding!). It screams so much potentially and yet the food, unfortunately does not stand up to the rest of its offerings in terms of decor, service, aesthetic and ambiance (all of which are great!). While this isn’t to say Green Park is bad, not even close, they still deliver a solid offering and is a place my brain is happy to return to, but for some reason my heart says no. I just wish the food was outstanding as opposed to be just ‘good’, Am I being hypercritical? Maybe, but I feel as if it’s here to stay, and if their response to the critique in the first few weeks of opening is anything to go by, they’re willing to improve.

In a Sentence: Good, but not quite great.

Verdict: Worth a Try


Green Park on Urbanspoon


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