Operator 25

Operator 25’s actually been around for a quite a while, however unlike many of its compatriots, its now booming popularity was a bit slow to come by. But for all the people who are now lining up waiting for a table in front of its doors, its something that’s more than deserved.

Big thanks goes to Operator 25 for inviting me to try out their latest iteration of their menu.

Stand outs were the Balinese pulled pork slider which included over 30 herbs and spices in their marinade and was a mouth watering delight to eat. For mains, the soft polenta with grilled octopus, chorizo and seasonal peppers was rich and comforting in a new school kind of way; like a modern remix of a shepherds pie (yeah sounds a little crazy). As for dessert, both of the dishes presented absolutely impressed.

Elderflower Sago with chia seeds, rhubarb and strawberry compote, white chocolate foam and freeze-dried mango being a remix on classic Asian desserts and the Ginger & Date bread that was accompanied with caramalised banana mascarpone, pomegranate sauce and salted milk crumb induced illicit feelings of pleasure that one only receives when consuming the most perfect of sticky date puddings.

Ultimately, Operator 25 breaks free of the a-typical cafe mould by presenting something that simultaneously seems exceedingly different, yet was extremely familiar. Put it on your list!

In a Sentence: Creative, complex, yet welcoming and familiar.

Verdict: Legit

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