Meat Maiden

While Meat Mother broke new ground by offering up some serious meat alongside more meat (definitely one of the early pioneers of bringing serious American BBQ to Melbourne). Meat Maiden feels like the logical evolution of the elder restaurant, with a more sophisticated setup and appropriate drink offerings for the more corporate crowds of the city.

While it’s more ‘sophisticated’ in decor and drink selection, the refined sister of Meat Mother still continues the bloodline of taking their meat very seriously by dry-aging meats for 40 days to achieve maximum flavour and tenderness, along with smoking their brisket up to 20 hours in their custom-built smokers to reach “melting point”.

Without a doubt, if you’re visiting at dinner, you should jump on “The Maiden’s Mood”, which will essentially bring up all the good stuff that Meat Maiden has to offer; at a pretty friendly price as well ($49). You can even request specific meats from the smoker if you have a particular hankering for a specific cut; something always appreciated. And don’t fret if you think it might be too much, they’ve already thought of that and will package it up for you to take home to stuff in your sandwich the next day 😉

Verdict: Would Go Back

In a Sentence: *Insert Homer Simpson’s drool face*


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. mmmm i am such a carnivore that I almost licked your post!! Everything sounds meatylicious and oh so caveman like!! *Grunt grunt*


    1. hahahah yess it’s glorious! Have you visited many other American BBQ places?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not too many as my friends tend to choose Thai or Italian (Which I also love) But I am going to have to start choosing some more American BBQ places as I love love love meat!


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