After their original popular stint as a pop up, Pidapipo is here to stay and has been thriving since its opening just before last year’s Christmas. Ensuring that everything is made of the highest quality ingredients, owner Lisa Valmorbida, has sourced ingredients from local and Italian producers to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Unlike Messina and many other Gelaterias in Melbourne, Pidapipo’s Gelatos are hidden inside their stainless steel entrapments to keep the air out so that they’re at their best once the gelato hits your tastebuds (it’s also the “Roman” way…or people say).

Currently collaborating with Broadsheet restaurant, previously with Melbourne food van guru, Raph Rashid (Taco Truck, All Day Donut & Beatbox Burger), even this exceedingly chilly winter hasn’t slowed down the demand for the freshest gelato in Melbourne.

In a Sentence: Gelato that’s been made with love (and blood, sweat and tears).

Verdict: Legit


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  1. I will have a double thanks 😉


    1. Always gotta get two scooops!

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