Agathe Patisserie

Now at its super stall in South Melbourne Market, be prepare to feast your eyes on pastries that seemed to have been delivered from the hands of God.

Hand-made by Agathe, an expatriate of France, you know you’re getting some serious shit as she pipes your cruffin full of custard (or whichever rotating flavour of the week) in front of you, and counts your coins in French as she calculates your change. She also runs an ever charming Instagram feed that’s worth following as she documents many of her family antics and how she might be running late with her delivery!

About to hit extreme foodie fame and fortune on the level of Lune Croissainterie, prepare your taste buds for what are the freshest, tastiest, and most creative cruffins in Melbourne.

In a Sentence: Arguably the best pastries in town. Definitely the best cruffins.

Verdict: Legit



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  1. I just about licked the page!!


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