Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

It doesn’t matter what other people say. This is the best doughnut / donut (?) store in Melbourne. Hands down. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, Cobb Lane’s filled delights are amazing, as are the ground breaking and forever rotating flavours of Doughboys Doughnuts. But if you’re looking for a one stop doughnut shop to gorgein the hole-y goodness that are these fried delights, then there’s no comparison to what Short Stop brings to the table.

Offering filled, raised, cake and cruller doughnuts (please see: to enlighten yourself if need be), the variety in doughnuts on offer is unmatched, and honestly, as cliched as it sounds, there’s a favourite for everyone (unless you don’t like doughnuts, of which, you should leave this website).

Through every visit, it becomes more and more difficult to pick favourites, but let’s try anyways. The earl grey and rose cake doughnut show something a little different, peanut butter caramel and chocolate cake doughnut proves to be a decadent classic, try any of the cruellers now, then there’s the apple pie filled…lemon meringue filled…oh my goodness this is too hard.

What makes it even more difficult to decide on which doughnut(s) to eat is that they run certain doughnuts only on particular days and seasons, so you’ll just to jump in store (or on their social media) to see what’s going on!

Also they make some pretty damn delicious market lane coffee. Damnit, ShortStop, staahp this!

In a Sentence: Amazing doughnuts and coffee; head in store to try a few, and then leave with a few more to eat later.

Verdict: Legit


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