The Melbourne food scene is brutal. While Supermaxi’s foreseeable future is unlikely to run into trouble, seeing as it’s essentially the perfect local pizza bar; the real question for you and this blog as a whole, comes down to whether it’s a spot worth traveling across town for, as they ultimately deliver delicious, but not world shattering pizzas.

It’s a tough gig competing with D.O.C., Kaprica, 400 Gradi (90 Secondi), Lazer Pig and many, many, other pizzerias including probably your favourite one down the road. But that’s the question, I’m not sure we should necessarily be judging or attempting to find “the best pizza in Melbourne”, when this perfectly upstanding pizzeria “is just down the road from my place”.

Despite its solid foundation being opened by a former co-owner and chef of Ladro, as a whole, Supermaxi doesn’t particularly stand out compared to its (tough) competition. They deliver great (oddly shaped / rustic?) pizzas that come screaming out of an electric oven, classically done Italian starters (think buffalo mozzarella and basil), all wrapped up in a family friendly setting. And while, it’s worth traveling to a few of the listed pizzerias above, Supermaxi sits on the spectrum of “if you’re ever in the Fitzroy North area”, then there’s some damn fine pizzas that are worth stopping for.

In a Sentence: If you’re close by, it’ll probably be your new favourite pizza joint.

Verdict: Worth A Try (Would go back, if I lived nearby)

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