The Broadsheet Restaurant

Essentially gathering some of the best of what Melbourne has to offer, the Broadsheet restaurant delivers an experience that can be found both no where and everywhere else in Melbourne.

There are too many names to reel off in terms of collaborators, and not to name favourites (okay, a little bit); Anada, Estelle, Five Ponts, Grain Store, Huxtable, The Everleigh, Pidapipo, Tivoli Road Bakery, and Tonka are just some of the few involved in this grand undertaking of a restaurant.

Beyond the food, every single other element within the diner has also been designed to show off the best of Melbourne; from the furniture, the plates – even the music, and the art work on its walls. A pretty amazing undertaking for the what once was a humble little website; they even used a Melbourne based point of sale system called ImPOS, who specialise specifically in hospitality (and also service the likes of Tonka and Seven Seeds).

It’s crazy to consider how they’ve logistically done this; especially with so many dishes from restaurants all around Melbourne; but in general the Broadsheet restaurant continues to hum, much like its website.

While the day experience didn’t quite differ itself enough from other top shelf brunch spots, the night time affair is where the restaurant shines. Obviously, taking some of the best dishes from restaurants can be a path to success, but everything seems to fall into place little better during the after hours services.

With cheeky (and price friendly) “welcome drinks” to begin the night, they lead into the mains which were easily the highlight, with the whole baked flathead from The Town Mouse proving to be the dish of the night. And while it won’t replace a visit to The Town Mouse itself, it does prove that The Broadsheet Restaurant is worth visiting.

Open until August 2, make sure you’ve planned for a final dash before the restaurant closes its doors, and you’ll need to wait until the next Broadsheet enterprise.

In a Sentence: Go to get a little bit of everything, and then go to all the restaurants that have collaborated in the project.

Verdict: Would Go Back


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Melbourne Food Blogger dined as a guest courtesy of ImPOS 


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