Blue Chillies

Malaysian cuisine seems to have dropped off the map of late. What with Papa Rich currently renovating, Mamak, having had its time in the spotlight, and the laksa revolution at saturation point (a healthy saturation point), it’s been a while since Malaysian food has taken centre stage of the Melbourne food scene.

While Blue Chillies isn’t going to grab the food scene by the horns – especially since it just turned 16 years old, it embodies everything you expect a Malaysian eatery to be about. It’s consistent, no frills, delicious, and keeps a strong focus on what makes Malaysian food so delicious. You’re not seeing too “fusions” of traditional dishes here, they know what’s good, what’s authentic, and that’s what they deliver.

In its current state, Blue Chillies has a modern homely feel, taking inspiration from its heritage of colonial shophouses in Malaysia. The atmosphere is casual, but not as casual as something you’d find on Victoria St, Richmond, or Box Hill.

The thrice cooked duck proved to be a revelation and is a must-order for anybody who visits. The duck rending and chicken curry are classics, and the crispy rockling and wrapped fried king prawns are also worth consideration. The menu is pretty varied overall, with options to suit most tastes.

Possibly influenced by its location on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Blue Chillies stands out of its compatriots, by showing a more sophisticated taken on typical Malaysian cuisine.

In a sentence: Old dogs don’t always need new tricks.

Verdict: Would Go Back

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Melbourne Food Blogged dined as a guest at Blue Chillies.


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