Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen

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While South Wharf still has a ways to go, it’s definitely built the foundation as a nice little consistent hub of activity that, ultimately, Docklands should have been. Being backed by the Melbourne Convention Centre and Crown obviously helps, plus the Hilton Hotel itself, but it’s good to see that South Wharf really has visitor appeal, to both tourists and locals alike, and there’s a market that Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen can appeal to.

Yes it’s a hotel restaurant, and yes, hotel restaurants are usually rather mediocre. But Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen, with the backing of Hilton Hotel is really looking to break this trend, or at least change some minds when people visit the restaurant – you can definitely see the effort here as well. Where you’ll typically see a hotel restaurant being influenced by the idea to serve the hotel patrons – you can tell that Dock 37 is here to be more of a destination for those around the South Wharf area, rather than the aforementioned.

In terms of menu, Dock 37 relies on the familiar, with the grill being the backbone of the menu (think grass fed beef from Tasmanian and choice producers around Australia). They also easily cater to all tastes and allergies with specific gluten free and vegetarian menus that definitely push the kitchen’s creativity; the steamed ocean trout finished in lemongrass and coconut broth with asian greens and shitake mushrooms were a stand out on anyone’s menu.

While $29 fish and chips isn’t going to win anybody friends, the extra fresh and generous seafood linguine, sustainable steaks and 24 hour pork scotch filet served with pork crackle will definitely win you back, irregardless of the price.

Maybe you won’t need to leave the hotel afterall.

In a sentence: A spot well worth checking out after a big shop down at South Wharf.

Verdict: Would Go Back.

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Melbourne Food Blogger dined as a guest at Dock 37 Bar & Kitchen


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi,

    I think Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen is the amazing place. You should try it whenever you go to Melbourne. Thanks for sharing this with us.



  2. Frank says:

    I have been to Dock 37 and its a fabulous restaurant. Loved the seafood over there. It’s so delicious.


  3. Ha Nguyen says:

    Dock 37 is an amazing seafood restaurant and one of the popular place to dine. Would surely visit it for the best seafood in Melbourne


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