Longhorn Saloon

The team behind Chingon and the wildly successful Le Bon Ton, bring their meaty smokey goodness to Carlton. Note that 5 Points deli is in the same venue – the downstairs area, while Longhorn Saloon sits in the upstairs area with both a bar and restaurant menu. If that sounded confusing, then that’s because it is. But once you figure out which menu you can order from depending on where you’re sitting, the good times can then get rolling.

The venue itself also doesn’t particularly help in terms of clearing up any of the confusion either, as mentioned above, the bottom level seems to be 5 Points Deli (doesn’t quite look like a deli though), the middle-upper section tends to service those who wish to have drinks and to order off the simpler bar menu (but really, the tables here and the restaurant are pretty similar and in close proximity to each other…not sure why the need to separate menus), and then the main dining area closer to the windows at the top serves as the main restaurant (steaks!).

The staff do their best explaining the sections, and offer great service, but the confusion is a little unfortunate as the food coming out of the kitchen is devilishly delicious. The Le Bon Ton cheeseburger makes a heralded return, along with perfectly cave-man sizes steaks, and share plates such as the perfectly delicious fried chicken tenders, meaty cheesey stringy poutine and smoked brisket nachos.

While it doesn’t quite hit the value highs of Le Bon Ton (or its charming all night niche), Longhorn acts a sort of older more polished sibling – your wallet will remind you of this.

In a sentence: You’ll go party at Le Bon Ton, but maybe you’ll be mixing more business at Longhorn over the rowdy Le Bon Ton.

Verdict: Would Go Back

Web: http://www.longhornsaloon.com.au/

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