Archie’s All Day

All day, all night, they’ve got what you need.

Archie’s All Day is the beam of sun pouring out of a mess of gloomy clouds. Named after the owner’s son, Archie’s feels fresh and renewed in what has become a copy cat league of cafes.

Having already garnered a constant stream of weekend queues at Bluebird Espresso (well earned too), Archie’s takes what was the best of Bluebird (great valued, tasty dishes), and ups the ante with a creative all day offering that include the ‘dirty eggs’, a dish encapsulating tater tots(!), jalapeno spiked Monterrey Jack, avocado and tomatillo salsa, black beans, fried eggs, and  chipotle mayo. The crumbed rockling burger, with ‘slap ya mama’ seasoning, iceberg, and tatare. Plus the grilled french toast, with sweet potato(!), custard, smoked maple cream, sweet potato jam, spiced pecans and yes you should most definitely add the candied bacon.

What’s been described is really just the glaze on a Doughboys Doughnut (yep, get in there on Thursdays), as the menu does what every great menu is meant to do – beg you to come back and try everything else.

Meanwhile, the decor will have you sit idly by on high wooden tables with vinyl beats humming away in the background of the lightfilled cafe.

To nitpick, it’d be nice to see a little more generosity with serving sizes. Maybe an extra slice of french toast? Or a small serve of chips or salad with the burgers. The menu begs us to order more, but it’d nice to see the over ordering really feel like you’ve a huge mistake.

In a Sentence: cheeky, cool, but welcoming-ly sophisticated.

Verdict: Legit

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