Babu Burger

You can’t help but admire a restaurant such as Babu Burger that needs to account for delivery as well as its internal production. While pizzas seem relatively logical in terms of getting the pizzas into the oven and then getting them out for delivery, burgers on the other hand, which at Babu are entirely customisable, feel like an entirely different beast.

The Babu Burger website can look a little rough on the edges, but’s relatively intuitive once you get started (we do wish they used images of whole burgers as opposed to open burgers – despite that being how they’re delivered). You’re also given a choice of how the patty is cooked (100% steak quality beef that’s ground daily) along with having a choice between fries, wedges and fat chips which were a nice touch.

Once delivered (free delivery over $30), the burgers come in the aforementioned open fashion, allowing you to add your own condiments that are also included within the burger. While customisation is appreciated, playing with your own condiments might not be something you’d be so keen on. We’re not chefs after all, and sometimes it’s good to get some extra direction from the experts.

Burgers are cooked well (medium in this instance), gelling together with the cheese and the condiments – there’s definitely been thought here in regard to burger options, even if you’re given the opportunity to customise (possibly ruin) them.

While the fries might have lost their crisp (delivery’s a tricky thing), the wedges were unaffected by the travel (our pick for deliveries), and the addition of sauces to dip your chips in were appreciated, and something we feel other burger joints too often over look or overcharge for.

Ultimately, Babu’s the choice for those who don’t or may not have time to leave the house or office, and that’s something everyone can be thankful of.

In a sentence: Another addition to the great city of Melburger, but without the need to travel.

Verdict: Worth Trying


Babu Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Melbourne Food Blogger dined as a guest of Babu Burger


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