Honeycomb Hideout

You’ve got to love the idea. Open a decent restaurant, head out the back after a hard day’s work, chill out with a couple of beers – why not let people in on this vibe?

The crew at Honeycomb Hideout have graciously done exactly that with their pizza-and-beer joint tucked away behind the already established Fox and Corn in Footscray. Open at beer o’clock on Friday and from lunch time on Saturday and Sunday, the sweet little hideout offers a selection of fresh wood fired pizzas, beers and ciders. Short and simple.

The roast pumpkin, feta and pine nut pizza was a hit with a light crispy base and touch of sweetness, though it was a bit heavy handed in the dash of salt. The salumi pizza was similarly crafted with quality salami and olives but less was not more in this case as it left you pining after more of that delicious salami goodness. It also has to be said that the pizzas are not made for big appetites, though this could make it easier to juggle your pizza box with craft beer in hand.

The venue was quite busy on Friday night and had a distinct weekend feel – hell, you could even be forgiven for thinking you were in a secluded rooftop in the middle of the city! You may need to keep a close eye out for seating space on the tiered steps but if you’re looking for a quick after work special in Footscray, the new kids in town are pretty fly. And if that fails, hit up Fox and Corn out the front.

In a sentence: Nails beer o’clock pizzas and a cool hangout spot, not exactly a ground breaking operation.

Verdict: Worth a try

Words & Images by Rayna Mishra


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